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UHPLC Columns (Micro/Cap/Nano)

UHPLC cartridgeUltra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)

SciSEP are pleased to introduce Microsil® 1.8µm particles in C18, C8 and C4 phases for ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography. Formulated by Dr Frank Yang, inventor of the packed-fused-silica capillary column, these sub-2µm particle columns are specifically optimised to give sharp symmetrical peaks, increased resolution, excellent reproducibility and high durability under rigorous column conditions.


Column Characteristics Available in
LC/MS compatible 1.8µm particle size, 120Å pore size
High Throughput C18, C8 and C4 phases
High Resolution Microbore (1.0 – 2.0mm column ID)
Low Sample Loss Nano (25, 50 and 75µm ID)
Max Pressure up to 15,000 psi Capillary (150 and 320µm ID)
  • Every Column is individually tested and certified to pass the highest column performance standards. (Test conditions: analysis of peptide standard and detection by MS).
  • Column incorporates porous 2µm frits or built-in on-column end frits at each end to ensure packed bed stability and reproducibility.
  • Capillary and nano columns feature reversible solvent flow path to prevent column plugging.

HPLC and UHPLC Column Comparison

Column Dimensions (mm x mm)  250 x 4.6 100 x 2
Flow Rate (mL/min) 1 0.55
Run Time (min) 25 4
Sample throughput 200 hrs 30 hrs
Throughput Increase % - 500%
Mobile Phase Required 12L 1L

Efficiency and throughput for analysis of 500 samples (Average MW 300).  Isocratic (90% Aqueous, 10% ACN), 30 degree C.

Column Selection

Microbore UHPLC Columns – 1.0 & 2.0mm ID (120Å pore size)

Phase Column Length (cm) 1.0mm ID Part number 2.0mm ID part number
C18 5 MM-5-C18SSS-1000-EU MM-5-C18SSS-2000-EU
C18 10 MM-10-C18SSS-1000-EU MM-10-C18SSS-2000-EU
C18 15 MM-15-C18SSS-1000-EU MM-15-C18SSS-2000-EU
C18 1cm trap cartridge & holder MM-1.0-C18SSS-1000-Trap MM-1.0-C18SSS-2000-Trap
C18 1cm trap cartridge MM-1.0-C18SSS-1000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3) MM-1.0-C18SSS-2000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3)
C8 5 MM-5-C8SSS-1000-EU MM-5-C8SSS-2000-EU
C8 10 MM-10-C8SSS-1000-EU MM-10-C8SSS-2000-EU
C8 15 MM-15-C8SSS-1000-EU MM-15-C8SSS-2000-EU
C8 1cm trap cartridge & holder MM-1.0-C8SSS-1000-Trap MM-1.0-C8SSS-2000-Trap
C8 1cm trap cartridge MM-1.0-C8SSS-1000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3) MM-1.0-C8SSS-2000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3)
C4 5 MM-5-C4SSS-1000-EU MM-5-C4SSS-2000-EU
C4 10 MM-10-C4SSS-1000-EU MM-10-C4SSS-2000-EU
C4 15 MM-15-C4SSS-1000-EU MM-15-C4SSS-2000-EU
C4 1cm trap cartridge & holder MM-1.0-C4SSS-1000-Trap MM-1.0-C4SSS-2000-Trap
C4 1cm trap cartridge MM-1.0-C4SSS-1000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3) MM-1.0-C4SSS-2000-Trap cartridge (pack of 3)

Nano-UHPLC Columns – 25, 50 & 75µm ID (120Å pore size)

Phase Column Length (cm) 25µm ID part number 50µm ID part number 75µm ID part number
C18 5 MN-5-C18SSS-25-EU MN-5-C18SSS-50-EU MN-5-C18SSS-75-EU
C18 10 MN-10-C18SSS-25-EU MN-10-C18SSS-50-EU MN-10-C18SSS-75-EU
C18 15 MN-15-C18SSS-25-EU MN-15-C18SSS-50-EU MN-15-C18SSS-75-EU
C18 25 MN-25-C18SSS-25-EU MN-25-C18SSS-50-EU MN-25-C18SSS-75-EU
C18 35 MN-35-C18SSS-25-EU MN-35-C18SSS-50-EU MN-35-C18SSS-75-EU
C18 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C18SSS-25-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C18SSS-50-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C18SSS-75-EU-Trap
C8 5 MN-5-C8SSS-25-EU MN-5-C8SSS-50-EU MN-5-C8SSS-75-EU
C8 10 MN-10-C8SSS-25-EU MN-10-C8SSS-50-EU MN-10-C8SSS-75-EU
C8 15 MN-15-C8SSS-25-EU MN-15-C8SSS-50-EU MN-15-C8SSS-75-EU
C8 25 MN-25-C8SSS-25-EU MN-25-C8SSS-50-EU MN-25-C8SSS-75-EU
C8 35 MN-35-C8SSS-25-EU MN-35-C8SSS-50-EU MN-35-C8SSS-75-EU
C8 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C8SSS-25-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C8SSS-50-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C8SSS-75-EU-Trap
C4 5 MN-5-C4SSS-25-EU MN-5-C4SSS-50-EU MN-5-C4SSS-75-EU
C4 10 MN-10-C4SSS-25-EU MN-10-C4SSS-50-EU MN-10-C4SSS-75-EU
C4 15 MN-15-C4SSS-25-EU MN-15-C4SSS-50-EU MN-15-C4SSS-75-EU
C4 25 MN-25-C4SSS-25-EU MN-25-C4SSS-50-EU MN-25-C4SSS-75-EU
C4 35 MN-35-C4SSS-25-EU MN-35-C4SSS-50-EU MN-35-C4SSS-75-EU
C4 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C4SSS-25-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C4SSS-50-EU-Trap MN-2.5-C4SSS-75-EU-Trap

Capillary UHPLC Columns – 150 & 320µm ID (120Å pore size)

Phase Column Length (cm) 150µm ID Part number 320µm ID part number
C18 5 MN-5-C18SSS-150-EU MC-5-C18SSS-320-EU
C18 10 MN-10-C18SSS-150-EU MC-10-C18SSS-320-EU
C18 15 MN-15-C18SSS-150-EU MC-15-C18SSS-320-EU
C18 25 MN-25-C18SSS-150-EU MC-25-C18SSS-320-EU
C18 35 MN-35-C18SSS-150-EU MC-35-C18SSS-320-EU
C18 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C18SSS-150-EU-Trap MC-2.5-C18SSS-320-EU-Trap
C8 5 MN-5-C8SSS-150-EU MC-5-C8SSS-320-EU
C8 10 MN-10-C8SSS-150-EU MC-10-C8SSS-320-EU
C8 15 MN-15-C8SSS-150-EU MC-15-C8SSS-320-EU
C8 25 MN-25-C8SSS-150-EU MC-25-C8SSS-320-EU
C8 35 MN-35-C8SSS-150-EU MC-35-C8SSS-320-EU
C8 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C8SSS-150-EU-Trap MC-2.5-C8SSS-320-EU-Trap
C4 5 MN-5-C4SSS-150-EU MC-5-C4SSS-320-EU
C4 10 MN-10-C4SSS-150-EU MC-10-C4SSS-320-EU
C4 15 MN-15-C4SSS-150-EU MC-15-C4SSS-320-EU
C4 25 MN-25-C4SSS-150-EU MC-25-C4SSS-320-EU
C4 35 MN-35-C4SSS-150-EU MC-35-C4SSS-320-EU
C4 2.5 trap column MN-2.5-C4SSS-150-EU-Trap MC-2.5-C4SSS-320-EU-Trap

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